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In our body treatments, Natur Belle® offers the widest range of the market and at affordable prices for anyone. You will always find a package that suits your needs and your pocket. From individual sessions with several therapies, to packages and subscriptions of various intensity, money and time consumption.

Thanks to the experience gained after working in our beauty centres in recent years with thousands of customers, we have learned that the best result in any body treatment will be obtained combining different therapies. Natur Belle® takes time incorporating their offer different appliances that can treat all the needs of our potential customers: elimination of cellulite, localized adiposity, flabbiness, water retention and generally everything related to body remodelling. In addition to the great experience, continuous training and professionalism of the beauty technicians working in our centres, allow us to tailor treatments in necessary cases, to achieve the best results.

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Our treatments:

Specific 4-week treatment for maintenance, not only of your figure, but also of your weelbeing. It consists of a combination of different treatments in more than 40 sessions, where we can get results such as lighter legs, remove water retention, which does not hurt your neck or back, activating circulation and your metabolism in general, achieving a reduction of your outline and a much more hydrated and smooth skin.

When a person has a treatment from two to four times a week, in the second or third week of the treatment, the results become noticeable. All our customers claim to have the same volume loss, smoother and softer skin, much more relaxed legs, back pain relief, etc.

Relaxing massage using mineral salts rich in trace elements combined with essential oils.

Cleanses and moisturizes the skin, promotes drainage, improves the appearance of orange-peel skin and it can be done throughout the body.

A treatment that has a high purifying and regenerating effect on the skin.

It is obtained from the combination of essential oils, with clays that have nutritional and mineral substances with active toxins that capture the skin surface and remove impurities and improving its brightness.

Lymphatic drainage applied through a relaxing massage by air pressure that stimulates our lymphatic system and promotes the elimination of toxins and retained water in our body. From the first sesión, you will notice more relaxed and light legs, and with continued use, a significant loss of volume. It also has a noticeable effect on our health because it significantly improves blood circulation.

This treatment breaks localized fat adipocytes by combining the action of heat of the infrared with suction. All this happens through a massage in the required area that stimulates drainage and removal of waste substances causing a significant loss of volume, reduction and remodelling of contours and orange-peel skin.

A noninvasive innovative system by which active ingredients penetrate into the dermis, epidermis and stratum corneum, without a needle, waves cells become 600 times more permeable, penetrating the active ingredient. There are different types of specific treatments: cellulite, sagging, breasts, wrinkles, drainage, according to the needs required for each area to be treated.

This treatment is performed with a device that transmits both infrared and heat stimulation, working together the burning of adipocytes fat, sweating action causes the elimination of toxins and stimulation causes deep muscle reaffirmation. It also stimulates our metabolism favoring the loss of calories and volume.

The pulsed light is a technique for removing superfluous hair (depilation), blemishes and skin regeneration. Hair is a red structure, due to the high amount of pigment there, absorbs energy and is heated. Doing so, a light source is projected and it emits a pulse light that can be controlled in intensity and duration.

Only pigmented areas will absorb the light, in this case the hair and the germ cell will burn without damaging the surface skin. It can treat all areas of the body. The ideal skin to treat is white with dark hair. The number of sessions required varies depending on the growth phase, according to the area to be treated. It is not a painful technique, although it can be more sensitive and red for a few hours. The sensation of pain depends on personal sensitivity.

In most cosmetic treatments prior medical history is needed, because there are a number of drugs that are potentially photosensitising, that could cause a skin reaction in the presence of pulsed light. You need to make a diagnosis earlier.

There is no definitive method to remove hair, it can only be weaken and delay its birth. After an average of 6 sessions we can usually delay the treatment between 3 to 6 months depending on the person and their metabolic system.

4-week treatment for draining, tired legs, etc.

5-week treatment consisting of the penetration of active ingredients for all types of imperfections such as cellulitis, flaccidity, water retention, etc.

4 weeks. Consisting of a combination of treatments according to the needs of the person.

5 weeks. Combination of anti-cellulite and firming treatments.

6 weeks. Consisting of a combination of treatments, using as a basis cavitation or alternative to liposuction, with draining and firming sessions.

10 weeks. Consisting of a combination of anti-cellulite treatments, including cavitation, with draining and firming.

12 weeks. Consisting of the combination of anti-cellulite treatments, including cavitation, with draining and firming.

20 weeks. Consisting of the combination of anti-cellulite treatments, including cavitation, with draining and firming.

They are personalised packages that combine cavitation and radiofrequency treatments. Can be 6, 12 or 24 sessions. Spread between 6 and 12 weeks.

Elimination of cellulite and localized fat through a process using cold treatments. No need for surgery or anesthesia.


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