Natur Belle® fit EMS model is one of the concepts of EMS electrostimulation personal training, fitness, wellness and more innovative and current aesthetics.

It can be done by people of any age, up to 90 years, among athletes and non-athletes. All those who do not find the time to do daily physical activity, or frequenting a gym.


The training natur fit EMS EMS is a HIIT (high intensity interval training), which lasts only 20 minutes, once a week. It is dynamic, fast and fun. It is based on the dynamic electrostimulation impulses that amplify the effect of physical exercise. This method electrostimulation EMS, let the back muscles, arms, chest, abdominals, buttocks and legs in agonist and antagonist phase, work at the same time, allowing a very intense and effective workout. Thanks to the combination of EMS and voluntary contraction, we manage to work isotonic muscle fibers twice as much as a classical training. Thus, we stimulate the muscle mass intensively. We work not only on the surface of the muscle, but also on the deeper fibers.

The result is visible to:

  • Toning and firming.

  • Strengthen muscles.

  • Activate metabolism.

  • Increase mobility and muscular sensation.

  • Reduce body fat.

  • Reduce cellulite.

  • Solve back problems.

  • Solve incontinence problems.

Our philosophy is to combine natur fit EMS training with proper nutrition and consistent aerobic activity, because EMS training increases basal metabolism and as a result, an increase in the caloric intake, resulting in weight loss. But for more important and lasting results, a proper diet must be followed.

There are several international scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the EMS system as the training of professional athletes and injury recovery. Since the high-intensity dynamic training EMS involves a strengthening of muscle repair mechanism. It has also been scientifically proven that EMS is the best system recovery after an intense physical effort.

A special advantage of the EMS system is also to activate the deeper muscle and improve the quality of the muscle contraction fibers.

The EMS training develops parallel passive body structures (ligaments, cartilage, tendons and bones) and active structures (muscle mass).

A fundamental principle of natur fit EMS training is the muscle imbalance compensation. Usually manifested by a shortening of muscles toned, having functions of stabilisation and support and, at the same time, a weakening of physical muscle, which performs dynamic movements. This imbalance is caused both by bad daily habits and excessive or misguided efforts, unilateral development of certain muscle groups, short recovery periods, lack of compensatory gymnastics and also weight training.

With natur fit EMS system you can individually choose muscles and compensate for the imbalance. Our method includes a personalised plan, personal and virtual coach as well as videos for tracking.

It has never detected any harmful health effects with the EMS system, or medium or long term. Even in people who have used it daily for many years. The effect is natural.

Our machine uses the latest technology, 100% European. Our wireless suit, one piece (mono) connected via Bluetooth, integrates, into its own tissue, multiple electrodes. In addition, it is resilient, comfortable (lycra type), and it allows free movements since it is lightweight.

Differences between natur fit EMS and other traditional EMS devices:


natur fit EMS

The positive and negative electrode is supported in the same muscle. This causes the contraction of a muscle. Do not put positive and negative charges on the same muscle. Agonist and antagonist, as well as all intermediate muscle groups, are stimulated at the same time.
Because of the lack of higiene, electrodes resist for a short time. Thanks to the optimal hygienic care of the “AFW” system, it can be used much longer.
Generally, the training is only for one person and it may lack motivation and social contact.
Both individual and group training are possible. Motivation is not a problem and the group easily generates social contacts.
Passive exercises routine is done, reducing the receptive capacity. In one session you will exercise more than 350 muscles. They are personalised sessions to help you reduce your size, eliminate cellulite, flaccidity and much more.

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