Facials treatments: rejuvenation, anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles, eye contours, antiaging, sensitive skin….

For our facial treatments we use the most advanced cosmetics, based on natural active ingredients. In addition, we promote the most treatments with radiofrequency application Centro estetica almeria, achieving spectacular results

Do not forget to ask our cabin aesthetics technicians for the most suitable cosmetics to take home in order to improve and extend further in time.

List of facial treatments:

A noninvasive innovative system by which active ingredients penetrate into the dermis, epidermis and stratum corneum without any needle. Through waves, the skin and the cells become 600 times more absorbent and penetrate the active ingredient. There are different types of treatments, sagging, wrinkling, draining, according to the requirements of each area. The virtual mesotherapy can be used in all our facial treatments.

The perfect treatment for all types of skin, with antioxidant action, releasing the stress of everyday life, calms nerves and illuminates the face.


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