It is part of the leading chain of aesthetic and beauty

According to the President of Cosmobelleza Carlo Rodriguez, franchise chains offer greater security, have an easier time to take lower prices, as the costs of advertising and promotion.

Net sales of the aesthetic sector in 2014 touched 3,000 million euros. The forecast, however, is that in 2015 reach the “break even”, meaning that for the first time in several years does not fall.

Aesthetic and IPL hair removal franchises means an 18% of the sector. These kinds os centres have become more attractive to consumers by having extended our timetable and reduced the prices.

Half of the users of beauty centres go at least once a month (once per week: 3% every 15 days: 8%; once a month: 39%). The most in demand service is still depilation and almost the 82% of our customers require it. Its growth has also been very significant, especially for the momentum of the IPL hair removal. In fact, traditional hair removal has been a slight decrease while the IPL hair removal has doubled its market. Besides these, the treatments that have been most successful in aesthetic centres have been facial (52%) and massage (31%). Therefore, we operate in a sector with good prospects.


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