IPL hair removal, leading technology in Europe.

In Natur Belle® we have the most experience in this type of treatment in all the sector. More than 8 years ago, we were among the pioneers in popularizing IPL hair removal with Intense Pulsed Light, by reducing prices in a way never seen. For this reason, in our centres we have treated thousands of customers with very high degree of satisfaction.

For quite some time, in Natur Belle® we work with exclusive Intense Pulsed Light machines and we opt for the benefits of pulsed light on the laser, because the high IPL technology we have selected, provides us exceptional results at the end of a cycle treatments and we achieve greater benefits and care of the customer’s skin. Equally, we pioneered IPL hair removal treatments in the summer months. A very few IPL machinery manufacturers use the latest technology to treat newly tanned skin and allow further sun exposure after an IPL session. Engineers and doctors who are currently working for Natur Belle®, have developed the technology over the last twenty years in the demanding Italian market to get the best machinery.


Due to our technology with five different filters, you do not have to stop IPL treatments when you need it, which is in the summer season. In addition, IPL hair removal sessions are very comfortable, because the surface treated with each lamp shot is larger than usual, 16 cm2 / spot. The design of the handpiece used for the treatment, along with air cooling + water + cryo, ensures the client does not feel any discomfort during the session. To further complete our offer, we have recently introduced the Laser Diode IPL hair removal. Always with exclusive manufacturing machinery, 100% European.

The results are extraordinary and we are at the forefront of the sector. We always offer innovative and exclusive services such as hair removal packages with guaranteed results in writing to the client. We rely both on our appliances and our work protocols, therefore we are the first and only brand on the market that guarantees IPL hair removal results in writing by contract.


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