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Our advantages

  • High-quality machinery and manufacturing, 100% European (Italy and Spain)
  • Very competitive prices.
  • Subscription service to further improve prices and results.
  • High effectiveness of our treatments.
  • Personalisation of our treatments.
  • Professionalism and experience of our beauticians, who work in our centres.

IPL hair removal

  • Exclusivity and novelty on the market. IPL hair removal, guaranteed results in writing.
  • In the meeting with our customers, we show them the effectiveness of the treatment, showing the dead hair from the root.
  • Five different filters to get the widest range of treatments and better results.
  • The treated surface with each shot of the equipment is much larger than usual, 16 cm2 / spot.
  • Speed and convenience for the customer.
  • The most competitive rates on the market.
  • From 12 Euros for smaller areas to achieve a maximum price of 28 Euros for larger areas.
  • We have included the laser diode to complete our treatments.

Anti-cellulite, anti-aging and remodelling.

Possibility to treat all kinds of imperfections, achieving high efficiency. Thanks to having the widest range of appliances and market therapies (Cavitation, Radiofrequency, mesotherapy, Vacuum, Termoterapias, Cryolipolysis). The combination of all of the above provides spectacular results


Devices that combine all types of radiofrequency applied to aesthetics. It works both in body and facial firming, anti-aging, anti-cellulite, 7 handpieces of different work.

It is one of the most important and most promising emerging therapeutic innovations that have been developed in recent years. It is the first and most important non-invasive technique that tightens the skin and obtains excellent 70% similar results to a facelift.

The radiofrequency equipment generates electromagnetic current that penetrates the tissues creating a pleasant feeling. Energy is introduced at the cellular level in the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis and reaches muscle cells. On their way through the tissues, the current generates an extreme increase in temperature. By the time the body detects a higher temperature than normal, the brain sends blood in order to intensify its effectiveness in cooling that area.

This abundance of arterial blood is extremely positive for the tissues as it provides them additional nutrition of oxygen, nutrients and other trace elements that never had such intensity. Simultaneously, a removal of intercellular toxins is produced.

While cells receive a refill of the elements that generate life, cells observe how stagnant and harmful toxins and free radicals are removed. The force of the bloodstream acts as a river that takes residues of cellular respiration to the body’s excretion points.

The cell, without toxins and barriers around to feed on, is strengthened, prepared to perform its function properly and to the best of its ability. Thus, a cell of muscle tissue will reassert more intensely, while a cell on the surface will accelerate its mitosis or cell division to provide a better renewal and greater protection of the skin against external elements.

Radiofrequency has different types of couplers, that can make treatments at different depths and try different types of blemishes, sagging, aging skin, fluid retention, all kinds of cellulite and localized fat.

RF produces a deep heating, which affects the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. A warming that goes from the inside out, favoring:

  • Lymphatic drainage, which will reduce liquids and toxins.
  • An increase in blood circulation of the area, which will improve the metabolism both of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the improvment of the appearance of the skin.
  • The formation of new collagen, both in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, allows the whole fabric to acquire strenght, thanks to the reorganization of the fibers and dermal thickening.
  • Moreover, a controlled damage of fibroblasts is produced, provoking a consequent inflammation, giving, as a result, a rejuvenation in the treated area.

AS A RESULT OF ALL THIS several effects occur after a session of radiofrequency:

The immediate effect: due to retraction of tissues, inflammation and hydration, wrinkles are reduced and more firmness is seen in the area.

The less immediate effect: we gradually get the restructuring of the deep collagen, including that new fibers replace the aged ones and make tissue more elastic, enhancing the status of the skin by removing the traces of time and delaying the cellular aging process. In other words, the effect of radiofrequency is short to medium term, because for several months after the treatment, this effect will continue to improve the results.


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