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IPL Hair removal

We work with the most competitive rates on the market. We try to design a suitable IPL treatment package to each customer and our sessions are valued according to the areas to be treated. In IPL we start with a base price of 12 Euros for smaller areas and reach a maximum price of 28 Euros per area. With our continuous offers, you will always find, in our beauty centres, a package suitable for your needs.

Like our other treatments, you can choose individual sessions with prices always between 12 and 28 Euros. You can also enjoy better prices and results by getting a subscription to our sessions. Thus, the final price per session may be reduced by more than 20%.



Small area 12€
Normal area 28€



Normal area subscription 8 + 2 + 2 (two minimum areas / session) 224€
Normal area subscription 5 + 1 + 1 140€
Review subscription 10 (minimum two areas / session) 135€
Small area subscription 6 + 2 (two minimum areas / session) 72€
Regular students’ subscription 10 (2-minimum zones / session) 168€
40% discount – from 13 to 16 hours
Small students’ subscription 8 (2 Minimum areas / session) 58€



Minimum 1 session / month – duration 12 months + 4 review sessions Fixed monthly Fee Month fixed fee
Maximum 3 normal areas 64€
Maximum 5 normal areas 98€
Maximum 8 normal areas 148€



Groins Upper lip
Armpits Chin
Half legs Cheeks
Thighs Sideburns
Feet Hand fingers
Half arms Anal area
Hands Space between the eyebrows
Chest Linea alba
Abdomen Labia
Back Feet fingers
Lumbars Areolas
Full face


For people who have more time and less money, we have got our Exclusive Percorso system, where you can receive treatments almost daily for less than 1 € per SESSION. For people who have less time and more money and thanks to the experience gained after working in our beauty centres in recent years with thousands of customers, we have made a series of services, with special subscriptions and very competitive prices, tailored to the needs of everyone. All our treatments and results from only 60 Euros per month.

Specific 4- week treatments for maintenance, not only for our figure, but also for our wellbeing. It consists of a combination of different treatments in 80 sessions, where we can get results like lighter legs, remove water retention, which does not hurt your neck or back, activating circulation and our metabolism in general, achieving a reduction of our outline and a much more hydrated and smooth skin.

When a person does the treatment between two and four times a week, the results will start appearing in the second or third week of the treatment. All our customers claim to have the same volume loss, smoother and softer skin, much more relaxed legs, back pain relief.



Facial Cleansing 25€
Facial Special 38€
Peeling 35€
Mud 35€
Massage 25€
Press massage 10€
Cellumodel 25€
Bodyform 20€
Cavitation + 1h Pressotherapy 50€
30 min Radiofrequency 35€
Facial RF + Pin 45 min 45€
2h Cryolipolysis 99€
PERCORSO 4 WEEKS (Monday to Thursday)
Enrollment Kit (first time) 40€
Mini scultor / appointment (12h to 16h) 1 hour 4 days per week 60€
Scultor / appointment (9h to 21h) 1 hour 2 days per week 60€
Scultor / appointment (9h to 21h) 1 hour 4 days per week 80€



Linfosoft (4 weeks) 60€
Breast Maintenance (4) 240€
Bodyform (5 weeks) 180€
Intensive (4 weeks) 190€
Mould and reaffirm 190€
Celumodel (10+2) 250€
Mud slim (5 weeks) 250€
Facial RF + Pin (10+2) 450€
Lipo Express (10 weeks) 495€
“Rosa” Cavitation (6 weeks) 375€
“Rosa” Cavitation with Radio (6 sem.) 450€
Radio “Rosa” Cavitation (12 wk.) 760€
Radio frequency (10+2) 350€
Radiofrequency Maintenance (6) 190€
Cryolipolysis -solo- (3) 260€
Cryolipolysis Combi (3+6+6) 450€
Massage Subscription (5 sessions) 100€

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